Caribbean Stud Poker tips and tricks

Caribbean stud poker tips and tricks Caribbean stud poker tips and tricks

Nothing can replace luck when playing Caribbean stud poker, but there are a few tips and tricks that can increase a player's chance to stay profitable.

Just like most casino games, this kind of poker also presents players with the opportunity of competing for the jackpot, but it's not always recommended to play the progressive. Depending on how large the jackpot is, players might find the additional expenses worth making, but when the bonus prize is relatively low there is no point in paying an extra fee.

On the other hand, there are benefits for those who play the progressive and the most important one is that players will win even if the dealer doesn't qualify. For those who choose not to walk down this path, a common-sense set of rules will help tip the balance, and the Golden rule is to fold when you have nothing and stay in when you have at least two pairs. In order to make an educated decision, players should be aware of the odds for hands to be made, and the fact that the house has an edge of 5.2%.

Although this amount doesn't seem intimidating, it is in fact one of the highest house edges and those who lack the skills are only going to increase it. Having said this, Caribbean stud poker is still a fun game to be played, as long as the players stick to their plan and don't wager more than their bankroll can afford. If they get lucky and enjoy a lengthy winning streak, players should think about calling it a day and secure a vast portion of these winnings.

Few games are even remotely as popular as Caribbean Stud Poker and now that online casinos are so prominent, players can enjoy their favourite game at home. Those who play this kind of poker picked up the rules in traditional casinos because they are some of the easiest to understand. Even when playing at the table where is a lot of commotion and many players competing against the dealer, beginners can learn just enough to make it an enjoyable experience. Those who expect to make money by playing Caribbean Stud Poker should be aware that there are some basic playing strategies that can help them stay profitable.

The premise from which everyone should start is that the house has the edge in this game as well, but it can be offset by playing the cards right. In an overwhelming majority of cases, the solution is not to follow-up with another bet and let the antes go to the dealer. By being overambitious and investing more money into a pot that you have slim chances of winning, you're simply hurting your profit margin.

Folding the hand is no mistake, but the exception is when you receive small pairs which have the chance of being better than what the dealer holds. This is one of the errors that many beginners commit, with another one being the placing of aggressive bets on week hands. Remember that there are no more cards to be drawn, which means that when you start with a handicap you can't hope for your hands to improve. The odds of the dealer having a worse hand are slim and even if you win, this only pays 1 to 1, because it is most likely that the dealer won't qualify. In the long run, the losses will mount, so it is better to tighten up and the rules say that throwing a hand such as Ace-King is the right thing to do.

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