Three Blackjack variants from Cryptologic

The software developer is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to blackjack, and those who are looking for a diversion from the traditional game have three choices.

The first and most popular game goes by the name of Euro 2 Deck Blackjack and it uses only two decks of cards which is to the player's advantage. He can choose to play as many as five hands, which turns the heat up a notch and increases the chance for winning a lot of money quickly but also poses specific risks. The rest of the rules are the same, so if you are familiar with blackjack you will have no problem mastering this version.

Progressive Atlantic City Blackjack is the kind of game that high rollers love because the jackpot begins at the value of $50,000 which is a lot of money for a blackjack game. In order to qualify for the big prize, one needs to wager an additional one dollar per hand and the payouts are according to a payout table. Four red or black aces are the ones that will trigger the release of the massive jackpots, but second-tier prizes are just as appealing.

Single Deck Blackjack has very few exciting extras, but the fact that a single deck of cards is used makes it so popular. The dealer is forced to stand at 17 or higher and when the players split aces he will receive a single card while speaking a 10 or a face card and an ace is not allowed. Those who have card counting abilities and feel that they have what it takes to beat the odds will focus on this blackjack version.

Despite the fact that it featured two zeros on the wheel, American roulette still had plenty of adepts and it is most unlikely for it to vanish completely. European roulette is preferred by the vast majority of players because it has a single zero, therefore the house edge is reduced to 2.70%. The announcement that WagerWorks has developed a new type of game known as Player's Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette that features three zero slots is surprising, to say the least. Before rushing to conclusions, players should check out the rules because, with a payout of slightly over 98%, this game has the lowest house edge in roulette.

This is the consequence of having an additional bonus game, that is triggered when the ball lands on a yellow-coloured slot and grants players three free spins. Things get even better because by doing these free spins, they have the chance to win 12,000 times more than their initial wager, which feels like winning the jackpot. The yellow well is slightly wider than normal ones, which increases the chances for the ball to land on this slot so it’s more possible to start the bonus game than to land the ball on any other number.

It was mandatory for WagerWorks to compensate for these advantages and the solution the software developer had in mind was to add another zero slot. All three green slots have the same impact over outside and inside bets, but even so, players have a better chance of winning than in both European and American roulette. Straight, Split, Trio and Quad bonus bets pay twelve, six, four and three times the amount wagered but the large payouts of 12,000: 1 is triggered during the free Triple Bonus Spin.