Various Craps Strategies

Various craps strategies Various craps strategies

If you decide to start playing the game of craps, some good strategies and tips may bring you some financial income.

The “Put Bet” strategy is known to be a successful one, although not many players know it. This type of bet refers to placing a Pass Line Bet shortly after the come-out roll is done. It is very easy to identify it, as someone will come to the table during a game in order to bet on the point number. That person will place a bet on the Pass Line shortly after the come-out roll is finished and he may also want to make an Odds bet combined with the Put bet. Moreover, before the come-out roll, the Flat Pass bet has a slightly two to one advantage, but after the come-out roll, making a Flat Pass bet is not a great idea; this is what makes the Put Bet strategy a bad strategy. The only moment when you should place a Put bet is that moment when you are allowed to place an additional Odds bet on your Put bet. In this case, making a Put bet on a point number may bring you more advantages than actually placing a point number. If you are not an experienced craps player and your bankroll is not high enough, you should definitely avoid this strategy. However, if you come to a table and you are not patient enough to wait for the game to finish, it is better to avoid this strategy and instead, you can make a bet on a point number.

Another option of Put bet is when you make a normal Pass Line bet and then you add the same amount of money to the bet that you have just made. For example, you place a common Flat Pass Line bet for $10 and you choose to take the highest value of odds (in this case, the maximum odds allowed is 5x). This means, that the other bet you have made after placing the normal Flat Pass bet Line worth $50. Moreover, if things go as you wish, you might want to get a higher Odds to bet and you cannot do that because you have already reached the highest value of Odds allowed for your initial $10 bet. If you want to make your Odds bet higher, simply “put” another $10 on your first Flat Pass Line bet, increasing its value from $10 to $20; after doing this, the Odds bet will have its value increased, from $50 to $100.

In other cases, a Put bet could be made before the come-out roll. In this situation the Put bet is the same thing as the Come bet and even if the players are in the middle of the game, you can “put” a Come bet in combination with an Odds bet. You only need to have the dealer’s attention and you are allowed to place the necessary amount of money in the area of the Come bet.

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