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If there is one place to get the best info when it comes to online casinos it is here, with us! Indeed, we have our ears everywhere in the iGaming industry and community! Therefore you will be able to know things that Google searches will not be able to find for you! We will start off this introduction article by letting you know why this section of our online guide matters so much. Moreover, we will give you a breakdown of the themes that we will be discussing in this section on most of our news articles! Indeed, you cannot predict the news, it comes as it is, but we have a pretty good understanding of the news that we will be sharing with you here!

Why is it crucial?

That is a pretty bold question, but hey we have to call it what it is! Yes, indeed, if you are an online gambler, you will absolutely need to keep your head in the game and understand how following online casinos’ news will be beneficial to your gaming tendencies. Our section is extremely resourceful considering the fact that we will have absolutely no filter! You will have exclusive factual news! We do not intend to give out our opinion on this section, this is not by any means a blog! We will discuss facts that come directly from online casinos, monitoring institutions, software providers and payment methods companies. In order for you to understand it all a bit more, we will share with you a few topics that you will find in this section!

Articles about misconceptions

We intend to address some pretty deep misconceptions regarding online casinos, but also online casinos’ bonuses and their games! We would like you to understand a bit more our intentions when it comes to your development as an online gambler. Therefore, we will feature in this section a few articles emanating from highly reliable researches that will help guide you throughout your experience playing online casinos. One of our very first articles on the subject was related to online roulette and the misconceptions surrounding this game and more particularly the abuse of strategies! We will add as many articles as possible based on the feedback that we get from you and what games you are interested in!

Games launches and success stories

Our favourite topics when it comes to our newsroom are the games’ launches and the success stories! Therefore, we will make sure to pack our newsroom with games launches that we would have heard about from online casinos or online casinos’ software. Moreover, we will also give you exclusive previews of these games for you to make up your mind about a specific game. There will also be announcements regarding bonuses and other promotional offers and tournament launches by online casinos. Last but definitely not least, we like to hear from you, and we will make sure to feature your success stories on our newsroom! For instance, you can already check out a bingo success story, but also the news blackjack games put out by the one and only Cryptologic.

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